Upcoming Event: October 6, 2017

Negotiating Homelands and Sovereignty in Indiana Territory

Friday, October 6, 2017
Devault Gallery, Mathers Museum of World Cultures

George Ironstrack – Assistant Director of the Myaamia Center, Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
Stephen Warren – Professor of History, University of Iowa
Marcus Winchester – Director of Language and Culture, Pokagan Band of the Potawatomi
Holly Cusack-McVeigh – Professor of Anthropology & Museum Studies, IUPUI
Discussion Moderator:
Heather Williams – Program Assistant for IU First Nations Educational & Cultural Center

As part of the Indiana University 2017 Themester, “Diversity • Difference • Otherness,” the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology will host a public panel discussion exploring the intersections between difference, place, Indigenous identities, and tribal sovereignty in Indiana, past and present. “Negotiating Homelands and Sovereignty in Indiana Territory” will bring together tribal scholars, historians, and anthropologists to discuss different perspectives on how “otherness” and sovereign identities of tribes for whom Indiana Territory is considered homeland have been constructed, negotiated, and deconstructed in the wake of colonial expansion. Expert panelists will address the central question, “How have Native Americans continued to be considered “outsiders” in their ancestral tribal homelands?” Following panel presentations, there will be a moderated discussion, time for questions from the audience, and a reception with refreshments.

You won’t want to miss it!